National Championship

On January 19, 2009 the United States Rafting Association (USRA) Board voted unanimously to make this years National Championship event an R4 race. The International Rafting Federation (IRF) has recently moved to an alternating R6 (2009 Bosnia), R4 (2010 Netherlands) format, thus the USRA shall follow suit by making this years Nationals a qualifier for the Netherlands. The downriver discipline will be on the Youghioghney River, while the Sprint and Slalom disciplines will take place at the Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) whitewater park located in McHenry, Maryland. Friday, August 14th an R4 exhibition race will take place on the Upper Youghiogheny. Points will not be awarded towards the selection of our national teams from that event. Saturday, August 15th selection points will be awarded to competitors as they race in the sprint and slalom disciplines on the ASCI whitewater course. Sunday, August 16th a downriver course of approximately 4 miles in length will be set on the Lower Youghiogheny, the point scale will be weighted heavier in regard to that discipline. In parallel to the wonderful venues in Maryland, the 2009 USRA National Championships represent a dynamic and progressively changing time in the sport of whitewater raft racing. Please visit the USRA site in the future for details and updates