US Women and Men Rock the World!

The US WOMEN and MEN finish in the top ten at Worlds!

The Timberline Women’s and Men’s rafting teams training out of Vail Colorado have again provided incredible representation of the United States Rafting Association (USRA) and the good ‘ole red white and blue. Despite overcoming a variety of adverse circumstances which included a reportedly unfriendly crowd in Bosnia, a non-existent winter race schedule, and having to pay out of pocket to make the trip overseas, our ladies finished 8th, and the men finished 6th. 53 teams from 35 countries were in attendance. The resiliency of the American spirit is ever present in competitive whitewater raft racing. Like the Colonists taking on the British Empire, our US teams doggedly challenged very well funded and even government supported teams with amazing results. Just a few seconds separated the US Men from taking a place on the podium in Bosnia.

See or compete against the Timberline Teams in McHenry Maryland August 14th through the 16th at the USRA National Whitewater Rafting Championships. The highest placing men’s and women’s R4 crews will represent the USA at the R4 World Championships which will be held in the Netherlands in 2010. The Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) is currently seeking support for this event and more importantly the teams in attendance. SOTAR has agreed to provide rafts for the competitors yet more support is needed. Please contact Matt Taylor of ASCI for sponsorship details and information.