Oregon Rafting Team puts on Wildwater Premier in Portland, OR Feb 16th

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The Wildwater Story

“When ordinary people, share a singular passion, the extraordinary emerges.

WildWater is a journey into the mind and soul of whitewater, into the places only river runners can go, places of discovery, solitude and risk. Its a visually stunning feast for the senses, and an expedition into new ideas. We set out to create a new kind of adventure film. One where image, sound and ideas trump all else. We wanted to communicate the essence of the thing – wild places and whitewater – and put its soul on film. A tall order. After thousands of hours of effort around the world and in our studio, we have achieved much of the goal. Borrowing Hollywood film tools and techniques, including RED digital cinema cameras and world class post production techniques, WildWater brings not only new perspectives, but new images to kayaking and the world of adventure cinema.

The film focuses on a handful of peoplle who share a deep passion for wild places, rivers and running whitewater. We meet Rod Nash, the wise elder of the river and one of the founders of the wilderness movement in the USA, while he is rowing the Grand Canyon once more at age 72. We meet Doug Ammons, author of the book Whitewater Philosophy and one of Outside Magazines Greatest Adventurers of the last 100 years. And we hear from the current generation of men and women, sharing their love of this shared epxerience. The result crosses beyond generational and experiental boundaries, even beyond whitewater, to look at the soul of adventure sports and what they mean to all of us as a practice that is about far more than just fun.”