Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival this weekend outside of Portland, OR!

Bring your sunscreen. 77 degrees Saturday in Oregon! The Upper Clackamas WW Festival is hosting a multi-disciplinary, R4 showdown, in adherence to IRF standards. Pro and recreational divisions. Boats provided by Sotar to the teams with the top 12 times after the Time Trial on Saturday morning. This overall event is considered a “dress rehearsal” for the 2011 R6 National Championships which will also be held on the Clackamas!

Find all the details HERE. Of course our kayaking and catboating brothers and sisters will be gettin down as well… Free bar-b-q by Next Adventure Saturday night! The 27th Annual UCWWF is the #1 whitewater event on the West Coast:)

And of course there is the BIG AIR ramp…is there a way to get rafts down that thing?!

Check out the pics from last year event HERE.